Veraison ltd launched February 2021- The first of its kind!

Recently launched Veraison is dedicated to delivering sustainable -precision viticulture services to the UK and is the first of its kind.

A ‘sustainable’ vineyard is so much more than minimising pesticides. It’s a multifaceted, modern approach to viticulture that not only protects the environment but also improves vine health, encourages biodiversity, strengthens the soil food web and instils longevity into your vineyard. If you want your vineyard to prosper, you should work towards recreating a vine’s natural habitat as far as is practically possible.  We believe in integrating ecology, biodiversity, and soil regeneration from the start, holding sustainability at the heart of everything we do.


However, as with anything in life, it is all about BALANCE. There are many sustainable approaches available for the way we farm which if done properly with a clear plan in place, can actively restore nature’s balance and enable our vines to feed themselves more effectively and efficiently.

Veraison aims to incorporate a sustainable approach into every aspect of vineyard management; environmentally, viticulturally, and of course, financially.

  • We follow a modern approach and utilise the latest technology to streamline data collection, analysis and make informed decisions based on actual vineyard data.
  • Our site visits are timed around the season and targeted at key growth stages to allow expertise into the vineyard without the need for a full-time professional.
  • Also working with clients at the beginning of their journey, pre-planting, we specialise in pre-planting soil preparation, vine planting and trellis design and installation.


Describing their service MD and co-founder, Joel Jorgensen said: “We’re a team that has a shared ethos and has the knowledge, skills and experience to tie the various elements together into practical solutions in the field. We’re all qualified vine geeks with hands-on experience and a passion for sustainability. I believe in improving soil health, enhancing biodiversity, increasing vineyard longevity, improving efficiencies, and creating the perfect ecosystems within the vineyard.  That’s how we boost quality and productivity, that’s our focus, our passion and that’s what we deliver for our clients.”


Alistair Nesbitt, Senior Consultant of Veraison has a wealth of knowledge and decades of experience in understanding the relationships between vines and the climate that surrounds them. He specialises in sustainable viticulture, precision viticulture applications, climate change adaptation, and translating research into best practice. Alistair holds a PhD in Viticulture & Climate Science and a 1st class BSc (hons) and Master’s degree in Viticulture and Oenology. Alistair is also CEO of Vinescapes, a partner consultancy that supports the technical and strategic development of wine production businesses together with being Chairman of Wines of Great Britain Research Development committee.