About Us

Joel Jorgensen - MD - Viticulturist

Since growing up on his father’s wine estate and distillery in the Cape Winelands of South Africa, Viticulture has been a life-long passion of Joel’s. He went on to complete a Bsc in Viticulture and Pomology at Stellenbosch University before being drawn to the UK’s flourishing and rapidly expanding wine industry. After managing a large Organic and Biodynamic vineyard in Hampshire, Joel spent several years as Operations Manager of a very successful vineyard contracting business. Working closely with hundreds of growers across the UK from fledgling newcomers to industry leading commercial producers, Joel has had the privilege of building strong relationships with a large proportion of the industry and soaked up valuable knowledge and experience.


Joel is a self proclaimed ‘vine nerd with muddy hands’ with a passion for sustainability in all senses of the word; from improving soil health, creating biodiversity, increasing vineyard longevity, improving efficiencies and creating the perfect ecosystem within the vineyard. “Here at Veraison we strive to create the perfectly balanced vineyard- a healthy natural system that will deliver a quality crop every year and provide a sustainable return on investment for generations to come.”

Dr. Alistair Nesbitt - Senior Consultant

Alistair is a Senior Consultant at Veraison specializing in sustainable viticulture, precision viticulture applications, Climate Change adaptation, and translating research to best-practice. Alistair consults to new and existing vineyards, wine producers, policy actors, and the global wine industry. Alistair holds a PhD in Viticulture and Climate Science and a 1st class BSc (hons) and Master’s degree in Viticulture & Oenology. He draws on 20-years’ experience to help wine production businesses establish and operate sustainably, and as a world respected Viticulture Climatologist he lectures internationally on viticulture – climate relations. Alistair is also CEO of Vinescapes, a partner consultancy that supports the technical and strategic development of wine production businesses and he is also Chairman of Wines of Great Britain Research and Development committee.

Alistair began his wine career in the late 1990’s working in vineyards and wineries in Western Australia and New Zealand and has subsequently worked in France, Portugal, China, Georgia and England. In 2010 Alistair began lecturing in Viticulture and Wine Science (Undergraduate and Master’s level) at Plumpton College (Sussex) where he also helped establish a UK wine-industry training program – WineSkills. His research interests (climate change and wine) have resulted in him authoring several scientific papers including one on state-of-the-art techniques to model and identify the most suitable areas for viticulture in the UK – helping those looking to invest in UK viticulture target locations with more sustainable commercial prospects – and, putting science into the search for ‘terroir’.

It is Alistair’s unique combination of skills and experience, his enjoyment of working with others, his network, his understanding of what it takes to achieve the best, his sense of fun, hard work, and humble nature that that make him one of the most sought-after partners for new and developing fine wine producers.

Paula Nesbitt ACCA- Finance Director

Paula is a qualified accountant with extensive experience in finance, business and project management. Her career spans 25 years having worked for multiple Blue Chip organisations in senior management positions. 

In the past 5 years as Business and Finance Director for Vinescapes Ltd, Paula has specialised in supporting prospective vineyards and wine production ventures with Business and Financial planning. 

As Finance Director, Paula oversees all financial elements of Veraison Ltd including strategy, analysis and business direction.